Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Troubleshooting SharePoint Custom Workflows

[This form cannot be opened. It is not workflow enabled]

Check in central admin: look for info path forms and find your form. If it is not installed and marked for workflow enabled it hasn't deployed completely or correctly. Check your deployment script and in particular make sure the forms were verified on the server.

[The form has been closed]

Can be any number of problems usually relating to partial or incorrect deployment or configuration. E.g.,

  1. if the XML schema of the infopath form does match the XML schema used by the workflow.

  2. if one of the forms has not installed correctly or has not been verified (enabled for workflow - see above).

[There are no workflows currently available to start on this item]

This can be one of two things:1. A workflow has already started: If a new workflow version has been deployment, or in fact if anything even related to a workflow e.g., an infopath form, field name, anything, it is wise to terminate any existing workflows before attempting to start a new one. Re-configuring workflow is sometimes necessary after this. Reconfiguring can be done by clicking 'remove workflow' and if it is not set to 'allow', change it to 'allow.2. No workflow is configured or associated with the item in anyway (either its content type, document library, or list).
Workflow Troubleshooting Checklist1. Force install and activate this feature: OffWFCommon. This feature implements the content type required for workflow tasks.2. Before deploying, verify that none of your XSN forms exist on the server. If they do, uninstall whatever feature is using them.3. Deploy your workflow feature.4. Once deployed, verify the XSN forms show up and that you can view their properties. 5. Verify that all your forms are enabled for workflow.6. Verify that the workflow associating is enabled and set to 'active'. Sometimes after you redeploy a workflow it can get reset back to 'no new instances'.

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