Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Blogs Everywhere

Oh my god! The world has gone crazy with MySpace type auto-sites and blogging machines online. I've just done some catching up and discovered some cool and some not so cool stuff that is around.

First of all, del.icio.us is very cool. I've been looking for some way to manage my growing list of favourites and this is it (for now). My favs are here: jason.the.mason (del.icio.us)

Next, windows live pages are pretty cool. I just went and created two (god knows why). Here they are: golden.fleece (Windows Live) and net.side.out (Windows Live).

I had to have a look at MySpace so I went and created a space there too:
net.side.out (MySpace).

I feel a bit guitly for creating stuff I'm never going to use but hey - you never know!

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